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Skilled Connecticut Attorneys Handle Personal Injury Litigation

Accomplished lawyers advocate for victims of accidents and malpractice

The initial impact of a personal injury can be even more devastating when followed by medical bills, lost wages and other costs that come with trying to get your life back to normal. Since 1994, the lawyers at Umeugo & Associates, P.C. in West Haven, Connecticut have held negligent parties accountable for their actions that resulted in our clients’ harm. We represent personal injury victims throughout Connecticut who deserve compensation for their losses. Our lawyers provide compassionate attention and determined advocacy that seeks to maximize your financial recovery.

Knowledgeable attorneys take on negligent businesses and individuals

There is a two-year statute of limitations for most personal injury cases in Connecticut, so it is important to contact a lawyer promptly after your injury to preserve evidence and witness contacts. Our firm handles both complex and simple injury cases, including those involving:

  • Medical malpractice — When a healthcare provider breaches the standard of care and causes harm, we take civil action to recover damages. To build your case for compensation, we will secure an expert medical witness to attest to the full extent of the injury you’ve suffered due to a doctor’s, nurse’s, or another medical professional’s negligence.
  • Slip and falls — A property owner who is careless or reckless in maintaining their property can cause hazardous conditions. If dangerous property conditions caused your injury, we can help you hold the property owner liable for your incurred expenses.
  • Defective products — A products liability claim can be made against a manufacturer, retailer or distributor whose negligence led to personal injury, property damage or death. In seeking damages, we will determine whether the product that injured you was defective in design, manufacture, or labeling.
  • Wrongful death — Wrongful or negligent actions that result in the death of a family member take a serious toll on survivors. We go after responsible parties on behalf of the victim’s loved ones.

Our goal is to settle cases out of court, but we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial if the opposing party fails to offer a satisfactory compensation agreement during negotiations.

Determined litigators help motor vehicle accident victims seek compensation

Car accidents can cause significant and lasting damage to the people involved. Receiving economic and noneconomic damages to pay for ambulance and medical bills, physical therapy costs, auto repair expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering can be a great help to people as they seek to recover from the accident and move on with their lives.

Connecticut is an at-fault auto insurance state and uses a system of modified comparative negligence to determine the damages a plaintiff can receive. As long as you were not 51 percent or more at fault for your accident, you can seek compensation from the insurance company of the other driver.

Demonstrating fault is crucial for auto accident cases. Our lawyers examine all of the applicable evidence, including police reports and witness accounts, to provide a clear depiction of each individual’s liability.

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At Umeugo & Associates, P.C. in West Haven, we seek justice for personal injury victims in Connecticut. Call us at 203-931-2680 or contact us online to make an appointment for your free initial consultation.

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